Kirsten Laurel Caplan

“Is It History or Is It His-Story?”
In a humorous, satirical game show, contestants vote on who ought to be included in history books. 

Kirsten Laurel Caplan is a solo theatre artist and social justice educator. She hails from Los Angeles where she is currently performing two solo shows, Lady Libert yTEASE and Is It History or Is It His-Story? Kirsten is a freelance educator, designing Creative Workshops and Professional Development Curriculum with a holistic and loving approach to learning. She is a guest adjunct faculty member of Mount Saint Mary’s University Education program, teaching how dance and theatre can build community in the classroom. Kirsten worked for over a decade as a theatre director, drama teacher, and school administrator.  She is a volunteer facilitator for AWARE (Alliance for White Anti-Racists Everywhere) for their four-day institute, Unmasking Whiteness, and a regular “Saturday Dialogue” facilitator since 2018.

Kirsten is married to Ted Caplan, raising Andrew (15) Ione (11), and dog Harry (42 in dog years), while fretting over climate change, democracy, and daily chores. Kirsten believes it is her birthright to dance and sing every day. Please join her- It’s your birthright too!