LAWTF Performer Jovelyn Richards

Jovelyn Richards

Saturday, March 30th, 3pm
She Cry Dem Blues
A night of solitude, secrets, sensuality, and confessions come together at Tootsie’s, a 1930s Detroit jazz club, where the owner’s unspoken love finally reveals his true feelings.

Jovelyn Richards is an international American writer/director/ actress residing in Honolulu, HI.

Her solo performances have been premiered (selected venues)The Marsh, SF, Afro Solo, SF, La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley CA and Los Angeles Women’s Theater Festival, LA, the National Black Theatre Festival, NC, and the NOLA festival. Jovelyn is the artistic director of Writefully Yours Performance Academy. Her historical fictional novel Songs of Water will be released in the spring 2024. Jovelyn Richards is an affiliate of the Playwrights Center of Minneapolis, MN, and holds a MFA in Creative Inquiry.

Performer, Jovelyn Richards
Performer, Jovelyn Richards
Performer, Jovelyn Richards