Karen A. Clark


SVP, City National Bank


She’s a singer, songwriter, poet, performer, and, as a Sr. Vice President, leads a marketing strategy for a large bank. Karen A. is living life in perspective; with balance!  Karen’s a reputable leader in the banking industry and making her mark promoting her LP, The Karen A. Clark Project!

Karen A. began measuring dreams early. Her father, an enlisted man, took her to see Ramsey Lewis in Frankfurt, Germany at age 12, her first live concert experience.

Never abandoning her dream of performing, after college, Karen A. entered the work-force, but continued performing & producing both music and theatre projects.

While raising 2 children with her late husband Finley, the family formed C-Sick Records. The Karen A. Clark Project, a musical journey through love, life, career, sensuality and city life, is available now, and the sophomore project is in progress.

She is a Board member with:  The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival; Duke Media Foundation; and Streetlights!

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