AI YOSHIHARA           

("My River Phoenix")

A woman searches for her own River Phoenix after his passing and finds him in the man she marries in America.



Ai Yoshihara grew up in the small town of Niigata, Japan. Her show chronicles a young girl determined to marry River Phoenix. Phoenix passed away before they ever met, but she kept dreaming big. Yohihara traveled to America for college. She found what she thought was her River Phoenix until unsuspected things began to happen. She later found herself alone with the challenge of rebuilding her life in Los Angeles. Though incredibly shy, she had a vivid imagination. She began to take acting classes, where words were written for her.


Yoshihara began to love her time onstage and decided to tackle a greater challenge: the art of improvised comedy. She now studies improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). She has performed as a member of the UCB Mess Hall teams, "Winfrey" and "Bolo." She has also acted in TV and film. In 2016, she acted in director Gus Van Sant's film "Sea of Trees." Yoshihara is determined to be one of the successful foreign nationals on the scene.