("The Hat")

Having been raised by one jazz musician and married to another, the themes of silence, imbalance and unapologetic love continue to resonate for this woman.


Melissa R. Randel is an accomplished dancer, actor, director, choreographer, and educator. After receiving her BA in Dance at UC Irvine, she began her acting career on Broadway, with more than 2000 performances as Judy Turner in Michael Bennett's A Chorus Line. She later received her MA in Dance from CSU Long Beach.

Melissa's Dance-Theatre pieces, Communion - a visceral response to 911, and State of Wonder - an exploration of the moment before a bomb strike, led her to train extensively with Anne Bogart's SITI Company. This highly physical and experimental approach to theatre-making led to original devised collaborations including: Asylum, This is NOT a Tree, We are Stardust, and her solo show, The Hat. Her goal in theatre-making is to unite the exquisite physical world of the body with the irreconcilable complexity of the heart. Theatre Department Chair at Glendale College. A proud member of AEA, SAG-AFTRA.