("Unapologetically Black")

This woman moves through stages of "Nigrescence" having been raised in suburban Northern California and spending summers in South Central LA. She deals with culture shock, the devastating effects on crack cocaine on her family and her ultimate self-acceptance.


Misty Monroe is a proud Californian. She grew up in both Northern and Southern California but now calls Los Angeles home.  Misty received a Bachelor's in Theatre from San Diego State and after graduation moved to Los Angeles to becoming a working actor. In the beginning the "working" part of being an actror was not happening AT ALL so she began substitute teaching in South Central L.A. and fell in love with teaching.  Monroe taught in LAUSD for eight years and earned a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, as well as Master's in Multi-Cultural and Bilingual Education.  

Monroe continued to take classes at the Groundlings Theatre and was promoted to the Sunday Company the highest level of student performance troupes.  She performed for 18 months and during that time tested for SNL twice.  Although she didn't get the gig. Monroe went on to appear in several sitcoms including 'How I Met Your Mother', '2 Broke Girls', 'Fresh off the Boat', and more recently 'Baskets' and 'Speechless'.

"Unapologetically Black" blends Misty Monroe's two favorite worlds: Theatre and Education. Her work premiered at the Groundlings Theater to sold-out performances. The show reveals how she progressed through the "Stages of Nigrescence" to achieve a healthy Black identity, which is challenging especially when a Black child grows up in both white suburban neighborhoods and the drug-riddled areas of South Central Los Angeles. Monroe educates you while sharing her own family's painful struggles with crack and how she was able to achieve in-spite of it.