("Hello, I'm…")

An autobiographical coming-of-age story of a girl looking for home outside of her family is at once heartbreaking and redemptive and explores race, gender, faith, forgiveness, identity and love.


Nancy Ma grew up on the streets of Chinatown and the Lower East Side in New York City. She is a first-generation Asian American. After graduating from Williams College, Ma moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and writing. She has studied with UCB, Groundlings, The Bramon Garcia Braun Studio and Annie Grindlay. Ma has worked on several independent films, web series and the Investigation Discovery show "Tabloid" hosted by Jerry Springer. "Words Apart,"is a short film that Ma wrote, produced and performed and has traveled the 2013/2014 film festival circuit.


"Home" is Ma's debut solo piece. She premiered it to a sold out show at The Whitefire Theatre Solofest 2017. Her favorite part about the performance was the privilege to speak in Toisan, the Chinese dialect her family speaks. Besides preparing for a run and tour of this show, Ma is developing the theatre piece to be translated into other mediums.

As an artist, Ma wants to give voice to the underrepresented and to empower others to share their own stories. Speaking our truth and creating safe spaces to enjoy each other's diversity, especially at a time like now, are at the core of her work. Ma cares deeply about education and arts access equality, oral history, laughing hard and sharing food.