("How to Make Love with the Lights On")

A woman receives instructions from her inner voice on how to release self-consciousness of her body during intimacy.


Lisa Kotin was born and raised in Northern California. She survived childhood by writing, directing and starring in plays about her family and forcing them to watch. Her adolescence was spent as a teenage mime. At NYU, she majored in Dramatic Writing and minored in Sugar. She then worked as an office temp by day/solo performance artist by night, playing all the East Village clubs.


Kotin's one-woman show "Temporary Girl" about a dysfunctional office family seen through the eyes of the office temp, toured the US and UK, and was made into a feature film which Leonard Maltin called "Bright and original, with the definite ring of truth". "How to Make Love With the Lights On" is part of her complete show, "Beyond the Fridge".

Since becoming a mother, Kotin has performed several times in L.A.'s Expressing Motherhood show. Her first book, "My Confection: Odyssey of a Sugar Addict" was published this year (Beacon Press). Library Journal named the book one of the best memoirs of 2016. Kotin is currently writing a novel about loss and gain (of mother and baby), entitled "Prepartum".