("Inhabited Woman")

In search of balance, this  dance  piece explores the physical and emotional changes of motherhood.


Vannia is founder of VIDA-Vannia Ibarguen Dance Arts, and is Artistic Director of Global WaterDances. Her focus is in theinteraction between dance and technology, and also the relationship between classical, contemporary and folk dance styles. She was a gymnast in her youth, then worked as a professional ballet dancer for more than 10 years, and becamea contemporary dancer, teacher, and choreographer, earning her MFA in Dance at the University of Maryland. Vannia has received awards in United States, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, Colombia, and the NDEO Excellence in Education Award (National Dance Education Organization) in 2009. Her interest as educator is to promote body awareness in order to enrichthe student movement potential, intellectual/emotional development and welfare. As an interdisciplinary artist, Vanniastudied Lighting Design at California State University to have a deeper understanding of the integration of movement,

music and lighting.