("Awkwardly Fabulous")

A little girl's journey to womanhood and the people, places and situations that begin to uproot her confidence in herself and plant seeds of doubt about her body, love life and life, in general.

Missy Hairston plays 30 characters in this solo comedy and we follow her progress as she grows up in the South, migrates to New York where she finds remarkable success on the comedy club circuit, then pursues a career in Hollywood, where she finds that she is starting over. With plenty on the ball, she gets agents, film and television roles, and yet....

She is not denied a personal life.

Hairston attracts suitors with her effervescent personality, plus she's funny (she's a professional comedian, after all). And yet....

she, at different points in her life, could be described as a woman of majestic proportions. It sometimes impacts her love life, and also her professional life.

No matter how fabulous Hairston is, it has an effect on the roles she can book. So, she strategizes on how to change her shape: Natural diet, exercise, a personal trainer. She eventually finds the inspiration to own her awkwardly fabulous self from another source.


Ms. Hairston comments on her stage persona, "The rest of the world (those in her life/situations) is trying to make her who they think she should be - she starts out with full confidence and others start to plant the seeds of doubt that prompt all the shenanigans that ensue and how she tries to change herself ."