("Snatched…Stories From Down There")

This travelogue woven with herstory and LGBT history is a sexuality charged, soulful, and sometimes devastating ride through issues of ageism, transgenderism, family dynamics, bad choices, grief, grace, love, loss and mostly lust - and all the trouble it gets you into.


Loree Gold is first and foremost a storyteller via performance art, songwriting and film. A writer/producer for award-winning television shows, documentaries, music videos, and commercials; with essays published as well as broadcasted on NPR.

Loree is a former Off-Broadway actress and jingle singer, has

written songs for various Pop and R&B recording artists,

and has co-written with producers Narada Michael Walden (Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Angela Bofill, etc.) and Preston Glass (Earth Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau, Aretha Franklin, etc.)


Recently she wrote the songs for the award-winning documentary, Coming Back To The Hoop and she'll appear in Eric Garcia's ("Matchstick Man" "Repo Man") upcoming episodic series "Cassandra French's Finishing School For Boys".

Loree performed her multimedia one-woman show,

Snatched…Stories From Down There at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival and awarded a grant from the West Hollywood Arts Organization for One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival 2016.