("Dora Maar)

Dora gives voice to her seductive relationship with painter Picasso and her own art form of photography.

Michele Farbman has always been astounded by the human instrument and how theater can be made with just one person on an empty stage. Originally from New York, she studied scene work at T. Schreiber Studio and spent four years working one-on-one with Ben Spatz, founder of Urban Research Theater. From T. Schreiber, Farbman learned the traditional give and take on stage, and how it feels to deliver lines as someone outside of herself. From Ben she learned how to engage with other performers in a space by only moving and singing.  

Broadway style shows have never been Farbman's main attraction, but rather the closer-to-reality theatre of Pamela Gien in The Syringa Tree, Sarah Jones in Bridge and Tunnel, and the early work of Lily Tomlin and Whoopi Goldberg...self-styled performers sharing personal truths. After being born in New York City and living there for her entire adult life, she admits that what she likes best is just a real good story.

Farbman has had her work performed in the NY International Fringe Festival, The Living Theatre, Thespis Theatre Festival, Dixon Place and was a finalist in the Venus Theater Festival for Women. She wrote "Dora Maar" in order to explore a woman who was strong enough to influence Picasso's work with her own art and to dive into Paris during the time of Cubism.